About Us

We have our ‘official’ non-profit status and new building in Lynn Haven – we are very excited! This website was founded by Helen, a parent of four wonderful, young sons. She also founded anĀ android tv box review website, please support her. Helen is currently a community health care nurse, who has previously worked in the largest behavioral residential treatment center in Alaska. Helen holds a full UK BA, she also trained as a direct entry midwife for 3 years, has worked in detox, rehabilitation and as a case manager for Alaska Family Services. Helen is married to Joseph, a active duty soldier in the ANG. Both parents are pro-autism education and actively involved in the community here in PC.

Our online Autism Education Center focuses on educating, learning, relating and supporting anyone who has an interest or is affected by Autism. We hope to use these key elements to build self esteem and confidence in all and any lives touched by Autism. We intend to bring Autism into the public eye and in so doing dismiss many of the misconceptions that surround autism.

Our physical center for autistic children is located in Lynn Haven, Florida and is staffed by nurses, therapists and local educators to name a few. We are the first Autism Education Center in Florida!! Contact android smart tv box best NOW!!