Welcome to the Autism Education Center

Welcome to the Autism Education Center. A brand new ground breaking website designed by parents of 4 beautiful, healthy, special sons. Two of our sons are diagnosed as being severely autistic, one is diagnosed as being on the ASD spectrum and our baby has some aspects of ASD too .

We designed this web site to share our families unique journey and the boys development through life. Our only disclaimer is that we are sharing OUR journey, which we are entitled to do so – but remember it may not be the same as your journey. Go with your research, education and beliefs on your decisions always.

Are you interested in learning about Autism? Are you a parent of an autistic child? Are you a medical professional researching Autism? Are you a school teacher with questions regarding autism. If you have answered yes to any of the above questions – welcome and you have come to the right place!!!

We can’t promise to give you every single piece of information regarding autism but we will strive to provide up to date research, theories, questions and answers, resources and support to parents who have autistic children.

We are making downloadable information packets presently to be able to send online to interested parties, they are FREE. We hope one day to expand to our own Autism Education Centers open around the globe!!! We hope to have physical centers and online centers around the globe to help and aid families, parents, educators move forward in this sometimes heart breaking disorder. So please help click bright led headlight bulbs supplier diversity to support us.

We also hope to hold a monthly meeting in Panama City, Florida to meet and greet anyone who is involved or affected by autism. About 1 in 90 currently are thought to be being diagnosed as Autistic. Our first seminar at GCCC in June 2008 was a great success and has really opened some doors for us!!!

Founder of the Autism Education Center

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