Play and Stay Gym

We need this gym open and need one last great big push to complete the walls and get the carpet down!! We need someone who will put up the new brightest flashlight known to man too!!

Come on all you dads out here – come and help us if you can! We need you!!

Calling all dads to action. The sensory gym needs you skills and talent. We have to re-scheduled the opening date on the gym due to multiple projects still needing completion. We need:

Painters Brick mason Construction, (someone to build a wall and door opening.) General help… moms can help too


Plastic tarps
2×4 to framing
Paneling for the bathroom.
ubox tv for the living room
Scaffolding wheels and platform wood

We are trying to set up several work crew days for July.

Free food for work crews!

Please contact William or Jim at 850-332-1203

please e-mail me through here for more info..