Our Work

The AEC intends to offer a full range of life span services to children and adults with Autism and Autism Spectrum Related Disorders (abbreviated to ASD from here on) from fully licensed, certified, and specifically trained staff. The center holds a holistic and neutraceutical approach to achieving healthier prospects for these children and adults. The center is registered in the State of Florida as non profit (26-4589123).

Our families are actively involved in how they want their children to receive our multiple services. We are proud to have such strong and dedicated families who want to volunteer at the center. The Autism Education Center firmly believes parental involvement to be crucial to their child’s growth and success.

How we are unique

We are the largest independent group of parents & professionals involved in the field of autism in Panama City,Florida. Our staff backgrounds range from doctors, nurses,multiple disciplines of therapists, Early Interventionist, MSW, students, best internet box for tv staff and much more.

We have a strong medical/therapy program that will run side by side our educational/instructional programs. We want to offer all aspects of healing, therapy, and education to all children with autism.

With our long term goal being able to offer life span services to all ages with community employment program plans for adults with autism. The Fix It Program is held Monday nights for young adults with ASD from 5.30 pm to learn IT and best kodi box skills and interact with peers.

The center will have available a full time daily Early Intervention (EI) program in 2010 for ages 0 to 3. Current research shows EI is a crucial therapy for children with autism/ASD. The center continues with children after age 3 in multiple AEC specific therapeutic programs to enhance social & communication skills.

We have available a wide range of therapies appropriate to the child’s age/delay, which may include occupational/ physical/speech, applied behavior analysis, yoga, pet therapy and bio medical interventions

The Dream, Mission Plan & Beliefs

The AEC really began approximately 3 years ago in planning form, and it was triggered by 4 special boys. Helen Ezell is a Behavorial Health (BH) nurse with experience in the pediatric field – especially with children with special needs. Helen is also a Generation Rescue Angel. Her combined experience in BH is 6 years. Helen holds a full UK BA and is starting her Masters in 2010.

Helen is married to Joe, an active duty Air National Guardsman, and they have 4 sons, 3 are diagnosed with autism. This family were tired of accepting the diagnosis from a ‘no hope’ stand point. The decision was made to find a better way to help the boys – hence the Autism Education Center.

With a thriving website and a book about to go to the publishers this family is driven and dedicated to the field of autism.

This family feels like it has achieved a great start for social & communication, medical, educational and therapeutic alternatives for parents and children with autism. We are blessed to have such great support in this community and we would like to thank everyone who has helped make our dream a reality!! Finally thank best stream tv box sets.

We believe with our comprehensive planned services that we can help all children and adults on the ASD spectrum. We pledge to offer individual plans pre agreed with families to ensure a more individualized package for every family that comes to us for help.

We are a non profit, tax exempt and 501 (c) (3) organization, and we will try and reach and help as many families as we can. We will keep strengthening our community ties with our spirit and dedication to autism. Together we really are – standing strong!!